Web-fast and recruiting

We have been learning a lot since starting orientation and classes here at the MTC. Every class and information shared is just another confirmation that the Lord has brought us here and the excitement to learn all we can.

We have been learning:
-about the community we live in now and how to get involved and minister to people in the here and now of this sub culture
-our learning styles and the value that each has in regards to team work
-an intro to understanding worldview. LOVED this class in trying to understand how worldviews are created and reinforced throughout all cultures. He emphasized Proverbs 18:13 “He who gives an answer before he hears, It is folly and shame to him.”
-learning the principles of foundational Bible teaching and the importance of chronological teaching. It is so key for people to have an accurate view of who God is, in His holiness and righteousness, as well as the reality of our own sin that separates us from Him. Until someone recognizes their need for a Savior, they won’t be able to come to a saving faith in Christ.
-about what a mature church looks like according to Scripture so that we will have an accurate goal in mind when planting a mature church. What we love about this organization is that we aren’t going to “parachute in” and tell the Gospel to people without taking the time to make sure they have a clear understanding and disciple them. Unfortunately many times a people group will learn of Jesus but not truly understand and add Him on as one of their spirits they are trying to appease.

We have an exciting month ahead!
October 2 -October 27 we will be under a “Web-Fast.” The leadership here (acting in our best interest) has set up some rules and reasons why they include this in our training. Some of those reasons are:
-to build face to face relationships here (get the students out of their home sick bubble),
-to reflect and focus (developing a lifestyle of being before the Lord to listen and reflect on truth, pondering what God may desire to teach me/us with the goal of knowing Him more intimately, being transformed to be more like Him),
-to be other-centered for His sake (People are losing the ability to empathize—having a deep concern for/interest in others; and yet these are central to a fruitful life and ministry. He calls us to walk with Him and to be others-centered),
-to be better at managing our time (Digital technology can negatively impact time management and nurture the wasting of time because it invites us to do things faster and yet spend more time doing them. Field leaders have expressed concern over new missionaries coming to the field with poor time management skills, spending too much time online)

I managed to meal plan for the month of October and write out recipe cards so I won’t be dependent on Pinterest each week. I also grocery shopped for the month (got almost everything we need.) This is great training for the field as well!!

We are praying that the Holy Spirit would come to our aid in these areas by showing us as a family where we can be more intentional to glorify Him. Some of the “Web-Fast NO NO’s” include the use of: the web, social media, texting, instant messaging, television, Netflix, hulu, etc. Fortunately they have permitted us to use our home phone, cell phones (for calls only), skype, and use our email. If you know us very well you know that we shouldn’t have much of a problem with this, though it will inconvenience us some. Part of our focus over this time is to study and reflect on the book of Philippians. Each week we will write a one-page reflection of what we are learning from God’s word and through conversing with our peers. This is also good preparation for the field. We have heard that when we are interior in the bush there is a very minute chance that there will be a signal and finding one will take lots of hiking. It reminds me of that commercial “Can you hear me now?”

We also have field fair this coming week. Field fair is when many of Ethnos360’s field leadership come to inform and recruit those in the training to their field. This is an amazing time to hear and ask questions about the in’s and out’s of their regions. We are also signed up to host the representatives from PNG. We are feeling led to start a church plant in one of the unreached people groups there so this will be an amazing opportunity to be able to ask questions and get some better understanding of the opportunities there.

We would love your prayers as we get flooded with the many needs that are still all over the world. There are still about 2500 people groups that need an opportunity to hear the Gospel in their language, plus many areas that have on going work but need help finishing the task. Please pray with us that we will have discernment and wisdom this next week, the ability to process the overwhelming needs, and also enjoy the fellowship of His workers from all over.

Thank you for being a part of this with us!!

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