classes and daily life at the MTC

This last month has gone by in a whirlwind. It seems as though we have been here for months with the connections we have made but yet at the same time the days are slipping by. A new week begins and I blink and its already the weekend again.

The classes, the get-togethers, the Bible study, and prayer groups we are involved in are invaluable! It’s incredible to be immersed into the lifestyle here surrounded by believers who are committed to seeing unreached people come to know and follow the Lord for generations. We are constantly being poured into by missionaries who are now committed to helping the next generation of missionaries go out equipped.

Thank you to all of you who are supporting us financially and prayerfully so that we can be here!

Daily Schedule
Our days have gotten into a routine (which is awesome for me!) Chris and I are able to wake up and spend time with the Lord in His word separately and then pray together before the kids wake up. We do breakfast and Chris does their Homeschool Bible time with them before we have to be in class at 8am.
Monday- Thursdays 8am to 8:30 we meet together with our class and the class ahead of us to pray for other missionaries on the field and pray for the ministries we are involved in locally.


groups huddled up together to pray for missionary prayer requests from all over the world

we have class time till 12 with breaks in between. The kids have done incredible at getting independent work done and love the breaks so they can run around outside or get hot chocolate.
Fridays we have Chapel time where we worship and hear from a speaker (sometimes a visiting missionary home on furlough).
We have class and then break early to do our e-linc group

Elinc is equipping through listening, interacting, nurturing, and challenging. We meet in a set group for the next 2 years, growing together, sharing our stories and what the Lord is teaching us through the classes or chapel time. We have an awesome group with some amazing leaders! Speaking of leaders-Please be praying for some dear friends of ours: The Deal Family. They have come home to the states for Shad to have Brain surgery. He is having a Left temporal lobe resection this morning (Friday Sept 29) to take away seizure causing areas. If the Lord wills they would like to be able to return to their field. Please lift Shad, Sarah and their two boys up during this time and recovery time.


Our E-Linc group before getting beat in a kickball tournament on campus

We spend the afternoons doing the rest of the kids homeschool, Chris does work detail in the Garage working on campus vehicles. If you follow us on instagram or facebook you may have seen the forts and fun times the kids are having on campus. We are so blessed to have quick friends!

Local Ministry
One of our assignments here is to commit to a local church, serve and get to know the community. Just as overseas we will partner with the local church to reach those who have never heard. We are also supposed to get involved in a local outreach ministry to put some of the things we are learning into practice.

We are thrilled and thankful the Lord has lead us to the Helping Hands Homeless Shelter in the area. We have committed to a local church, Rock House, that the residents feel comfortable attending with us. We pick several up to go to church with us Sunday and Wednesday night and usually go Sunday afternoons to the Shelter for fellowship and building relationships. As a major plus the kids get to be involved with us, playing with kids currently at the shelter when we go. It has been incredible to get to know some of the residents, hear their stories, see their brokenness and have conversations with them about the Lord. He has opened doors for us to be able to connect with a few of them to do more one on one chronological teaching with. It’s humbling to see how brokenness paves the way for the truth of Christ to be understood and welcomed. It is such a contrast to a self-righteous culture that sees no need for God.


Calyn painting nails at Helping Hands

We want to share more with you the truths and practical training we are getting soon! Till then-thank you for keeping us in your prayers as we  balance classes, home school, homework, ministry, church, and fellowships here on campus!

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