Summer fun

We were so blessed to be able to spend the later part of the summer visiting family, spending time with family and just having fun before moving to Missouri to begin training. We had the best time! Our van got us to New Mexico, Florida, and then Broken Bow Oklahoma before ending it off with the drive to Missouri.

We started off in July going to Sipapu New Mexico with family! It was such a good time just relaxing and watching the kids enjoy spending time with their cousins and grandparents!

After that we drove the 20 hour drive to Florida for a few days!! We got to go to the beach a couple times and it was totally worth the long day of driving!

While we were in Florida we got to stop by the home office of Ethnos 360. It was so good to visit people we have only talked to over the phone and through email and see the ins and outs, the behind the scenes work that is key to reaching the unreached.

After Florida we explored Beaver Bend State Park with our good friends! It was absolutely beautiful and warm enough to want to get in the cold river water!

July went by fast and furious with all these fun trips and time with family but thankfully we were able to have a few ‘going-away’ parties and hug everyone’s neck and say ‘see ya later’ We were overwhelmed with the love and support of so many friends and family!

August 4th (the big move date) came so quickly. We have absolutely loved our home in Loving and the preparation the Lord did in our lives to get us to this place. If you have heard our presentation for our mission then you know how the Lord used that time. Our short stay in Loving was integral to the change He did in our lives. It will always be one of our absolute favorite times.  So with that we sold a lot, packed up the rest, and moved to Missouri to begin training.

We arrived in the rain and got a lot of help from other students that selflessly helped unload and make it go by quick!

We are so thankful for the support of our friends and family that the Lord has used to get us here. His faithfulness has been proven over and over and we are beyond grateful for all of you that have played the role of giving financially and praying for us!
We are all settled in and meeting tons of great staff and students. The kids are LOVING all of the other kids to play with all day! Classes start next week and we can’t wait to learn and grow!!

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