T-Shirts are designed!!! We love what Little H Creative has come up with to show the burden God has placed on our hearts!!

chris & meegan2

We sent out all the info about how to get your hands on these through our first newsletter! Our hope is that this blog will be more of a personal story place and the newsletter will be for more highlights (once a month) and ways to specifically pray for us.

Here is the link to the newsletter about the shirts and you can easily subscribe to it by clicking on the top left corner where it says subscribe!



2 thoughts on “t-shirts

  1. mikaylahaggard says:

    You touched my heart when you came and spoke at our lifegroup at First Baptist!
    yall are in my prayers daily. Tribal missions is part of my bloodline- my mom, and grandparents did this for 10 years of their life. God has not called me or my husband to that path… yet… but the desire is there. Until He calls I will be fervently praying for you and your family on this adventure! I will pray for funds, protection and guidance! as soon as funds are available to us you are on top of my list to help! (things are tight until we sell our other house in NE- but as soon as it does, I will give what we can!)
    love and prayers sent!


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