Learning to receive

When you are used to working and earning the money you need for all of your needs/wants it is difficult to imagine what it will be like to fully rely on the Lord, without the ability to earn an income. We aren’t there yet…. but it’s coming. Of course all the work we get to do for income is from Him as well and He provides the job and the ability… but it still feels different when you wont be earning the income through a regular job. I finished up my photography appointments this weekend and will officially be closing down my business of 10 years in December. We will get used to living solely on Chris’s fireman income until we move to Missouri this summer. It is bitter sweet but the Lord has placed a new path for our lives on our hearts and its time to give it my full focus.

One thing I know… The Lord will provide.

He is teaching us to receive from others – it is very humbling and He is constantly reminding us of His faithfulness.

We just finished up another garage sale for a fundraiser. We ended up reserving winter/Christmas items for a Fall sale since they didn’t sell last Spring. We had a great sale hosted at my moms in Wichita Falls a couple weeks ago and then at our friends’ house in Graham this weekend. We had a handful of people donate items for the sales and their generosity was overwhelming. I wish I could repay them all in some way but I know their reward is in Heaven. I can’t say enough how humbling it is to receive from others but I know their gift is to the Lord and then from the Lord to us.

We did a donations only sale both times and it was the most rewarding experience. We constantly got to share with others a little bit of how God was leading us and what He was doing around the world. A lot of people didn’t understand why we wouldn’t give them a price but allowed them to choose how much to give for their items. Many gave so generously. Complete strangers said they would be praying for us and gave above and beyond the value of the item in order to be a part of the Lord’s work. We trusted the Lord to provide while some bought a lot for little  and some blessed us greatly. It was a growing experience to turn our thoughts and prayers to hope the people who donated little would be blessed by those items they were purchasing so cheaply. I think its natural for our flesh to say they are taking advantage but the Lord knows their needs and He will provide for ours. He is the source.

As we ease into the life of living off of the support of others… God is filling us with His faithfulness and our trust is in Him. We have no doubt He will provide. And for those who are already giving or have donated… our hearts are overwhelmed with thankfulness and joy of watching the Lord move in people’s hearts to partner with us and I know its only the beginning.

If you read this far then you get to enjoy some of the cuteness parading around this weekend’s sale.



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